MyHome Fitness, the first of
it’s kind at-home fitness
brand in India

Own your business at just Rs 12 lakhs*

MyHomeFitness is at the forefront of reversing the manner in which fitness enterprises approach consumers by taking fitness solutions right to their doorstep. In partnership with Ramona Braganza, trainer to the likes of Halle Berry, Scarlett Johansson, Zac Efron and scores of other celebrities, MyHomeFitness brings the same expertise to it’s consumers here in India. With MyHomeFitness, consumers can work-out in the comfort of their own homes, at a time convenient for them, on a routine that’s been detailed out as per their needs, from trainers that have learned from Ramona Braganza herself.

MyHomeFitness has now launched the MyHomeFitness Franchise Program. Come, be a part of the growth story!

Great Reasons to become a franchisee with MyHomeFitness

No Capital Expenditure

No Physical Facility

Low Fixed Cost

Customer Engagement Program

We will provide comprehensive guidance and support to its franchisee,right from day one to ensure mutual growth and profitability on the following parametres


We will provide training for the Franchisee and it’s staff on various 3-2-1 training program methods.


We will provide the equipment & manuals along with the 3-2-1 training methods & products.

Fitness Innovation

Customers get access to the latest in fitness equipment, regimes and curriculums from across the world. This unique programme makes it easy for them to have access to all of it from one place!

Customer Engagement

We will provide customer engagement access which will enable them to receive & exchange information on fitness programmes, methods, tips & more!

Operations Manual

We have extremely comprehensive SOPs and will provide an operations manual to maintain uniformity and run the franchise set up as per company guidelines. There is also a dedicated team that would provide complete assistance in the service operations.

Marketing and PR

We will invest substantially in brand building, digital marketing, social media marketing, PR with leading magazines such as Vogue, ELLE etc, organize events specific to branding for Franchisee at the national / regional level and a lot more.